Hans Blankenvoort

Jura Coffee Experience

Deliverables: concepts, marketing plan, cost analysis, digital & physical model

Between November 2010 and February 2011, I worked on a project for JURA, a Swiss company that develops and manufactures high quality, automatic espresso machines. I collaborated with five other students to develop a conceptual Next-Generation espresso machine, as well as a coffee corner for marketing purposes. Out of 14 teams working on this assignment, JURA awarded us first place.

The Pianta Grande: a visualization of the Jura Pianta Grande, the largest of the three strategic module sizes we developed. This version offers place for up to eight people. Around the coffee plant a large display case creates a shop-in-shop effect.

The Next Impressa: our vision of a next-generation JURA espresso machine. Its main features are the centralized interface and coffee spouts, and a more user-friendly cleaning system.

Making Coffee: here, the display is informing the user that the machine is currently grinding coffee beans. After this, under high pressure, the grinded beans will get in contact with hot water to extract their flavor.

Better Interaction: the machine's front panel functions as the user interface. The engraved icons are receptive to touch and the displaybar above gives you feedback on the machine's actions. Coffee products with hot milk or milk foam are served on the left side, and regular coffee products on the right side.